How to choose a suitable diesel generator set?
2023-04-08       Source:

First of all, pls confirm the voltage and frequency of the diesel generator set you need. Our voltage is generally 400/230V, the frequency is 50HZ, and the speed is 1500RPM:

Secondly, pls confirm whether the unit is a continuous power supply or standby power supply, the continuous power supply means that you should often use, so we choose a better quality for the brand generator set, the main characteristics are low fuel consumption, less failure rate and more comfortable. If it is a standby power supply, is basically not much use, you can choose a cheaper generator set, Suitable for our emergency power outage use;

Third, pls confirm the generator set is used indoors or outdoors. If indoor use,  you need to have a room.  If outdoor use, you can choose with silent generator set, so convenient and fast but also low noise;

Fourth,  if the generator set is used in gravel crusher or blasting, please choose the generator set with a box, because the water tank is still fragile without a box. Stone jumping, water tank is easy to break