Maintenance of diesel generator set.
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Diesel generator set maintenance plan (Note: The following is for reference only, according to the actual use of your generator set, flexible maintenance.)


1) Clean the outside of the generator with a rag to wipe away the oil. (Weekly)


2) Fuel oil, oil volume, cooling water diesel is enough to run 24h, not enough to fill, check the tank, not enough to fill (winter with antifreeze). (15 days)


3) Batteryreview battery voltage, test battery liquid concentration with hydrometer. (15 days)


4) Oil filter Replace the oil filter. (200-300 operating hours)


5) Fuel filter Replace the fuel filter. (200-300 operating hours)


6) Cooling water replacement antifreeze. (200-300 operating hours)


7) Remove and blow the generator air filter, and then install it after the sun shines. (200-300 operating hours)


8) Replace the same type of oil. (200-300 operating hours)


9) Tank water: Replace the tank water. (200-300 operating hours)


10) Air filter: Change the air filter. (500 operating hours)


11) Circuit breaker and cable contact open the generator side plate, tighten the four fixing screws of the circuit breaker, and tighten the output end of the power supply of the diesel generator set with the locking screws of the cable lug. (annual maintenance)


12) The staff responsible for the protection and maintenance of the generator must carefully read the "Diesel Generator Insurance Operation and Maintenance Manual" (manual) provided by the manufacturer, and request the maintenance work according to the relevant skills.


13) If the generator is parked for too long or damp, the insulation resistance between the windings and to the ground should be measured, and the insulation value should not be less than 1.5MQ. Be careful to remove the starting battery negative wiring before measurement.



14) Depending on the site situation, clean the dust and oil dirt on the generator set irregularly.


15) The generator should avoid moisture. The generator should avoid metal debris, water vapor or other harmful gases.

When the generator is running, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation, and there should be no covering outside the generator, so as to avoid affecting ventilation and heat dissipation